Hazel and Roman’s LA Engagement Shoot

We had the pleasure of being able to photograph Hazel and Roman’s engagement while on our trip to LA back in March. JC and Travis hold a special place in their hearts for LA (as they are both originally from there) and being able to have a photo shoot while on vacation was great. Of course the day they had planned for the shoot it decided to rain harder than ever so they all had to make do with the weather. As it turns out, the weather added to the raw and gritty look that LA is somewhat known for (minus the rain). But the rain gave JC and Travis a taste of revenge as they went on the trip to get away from the sogginess of Oregon. Regardless, they all had a great time and some awesome images came out of it. Enjoy!

Hazel & Roman (Flickr)01
Hazel & Roman (Flickr)02
Hazel & Roman (Flickr)03
Hazel & Roman (Flickr)04
Hazel & Roman (Flickr)05
Hazel & Roman (Flickr)06
Hazel & Roman (Flickr)07
Hazel & Roman (Flickr)08
Hazel & Roman (Flickr)10
Hazel & Roman (Flickr)09

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