About us

Luna Image Co. is the collaborative efforts of two diverse and versatile photographers, and one nit-pickingly organized wedding day coordinator.  Both Juan-Carlos and Travis come from rather different backgrounds, but a common ground of natural talent and developed aesthetic has brought them together; whereas Jamie is utilizing her experience teaching high school to efficiently and seamlessly orchestrate the events of the day. Wedding photography and coordinating presents an opportunity to journalistically capture a once-in-a-lifetime event, to carefully reflect the beauty and emotion that are unique to each couple’s special day, and to ensure that all of the hours spent painstakingly planning come to fruition in The Perfect Day.

Juan-Carlos Delgado - I decided to pursue my passion and develop my craft as a photographer after nearly a decade in the corporate world. When not photographing weddings, I pursue  issues of politics, culture, and poverty. A strong dose of wanderlust keeps me exploring small towns, villages, and big city back streets with my camera poised to capture a fleeting moment. I move fluidly between film and digital photography, juggling Leicas and Canons with a deft hand. My unique images have also allowed me to work with a wide variety of clients and non-profit organizations, including Oregon Business Magazine, Mercy Corps, The Peruvian American Medical Society, The Foundation Fighting Blindness, Interiors North West, and the Boise Eliot PTA. Collections of my work have been displayed at the Rose Spring Center Art Gallery and the Launch Pad Gallery. My portfolio can be seen at jcdphoto.com

Travis Moon – The first camera I ever owned was an old Canon handed down by my father. It was a solid weight silver and black bodied film camera as old as I was. I remember the way it felt in my hand, and the sound the shutter made as I pressed the release. As with most photographers though, I’ve transitioned into the digital world. Although I am still a Canon guy, Photoshop is now my darkroom. I have over a decade creating digital images, but have recently gotten into people and weddings. I would describe my style as a vibrant and sharp take on modern photography. I enjoy using natural light to create scenes of high contrast with vivid colors. My refined style, keen eye, and the ability to conceptualize images has been a great advantage for me in the wedding photography world.

Jamie Incorvia – Like many girls, I spent countless hours planning my wedding when I was young. The dress, the flowers, the cake – all these provided fodder for princess dreams about that special day. Following my more practical dream, I went to college and graduate school to become a high school English teacher, which utilized both my poetic side, and my Type-A planning and organizing side. Over the years I helped a number of friends plan their weddings, and discovered that my skills for structuring lesson plans, managing teenagers and cranking out graded assessments made me supremely qualified to construct and coordinate highly detailed events like weddings. Combining all my areas of expertise into one role, I began doing Day-of Wedding Coordinating, helping brides to have their plans come to fruition, to relax and be present on that special day they have been planning for so long, maybe even since they also were little girls with big dreams.